Type IIa Diamonds

Type IIa Diamonds are the most valuable and consequently are very collectable items. They contain either very little or no Nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure of the stones. White stones are exceptionally colorless and fancy colored diamonds are often found with a brown, purple, or pink tone.
These diamonds have no measurable nitrogen or boron impurities.  Among all diamonds, those that are type IIa are chemically the most pure. They represent only 1% - 2% of all diamonds.

Some Famous Type IIa Diamonds:

These are some iconic type IIa diamonds include the Koh-I-Noor, Elizabeth Taylor Diamond - “Krupp Diamond”, Darya-I-Noor, The Archduke Joseph, the Regent, the Agra, The Star of the South, The Beau Sancy, The Pink Legacy, The Artemis Pink, Rarest White Diamond and The Graff Venus.


Kohinoor / Koh-i-Nur, is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, weighing 105.6 carats.

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, formerly known as The Krupp Diamond, is a 33.19 carat diamond.


The Daria-i-Noor is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, weighing an estimated 182 carats. Its color, pale pink, is one of the rarest to be found in diamonds.

The Archduke Joseph

The Archduke Joseph is a colorless, antique cushion-shaped brilliant, weighing 78.54 carat.

The Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond is a 141 carat diamond, worth £48,000,000. It is widely considered the most beautiful and the purest diamond in the world.

The Agra Diamond

The Agra Diamond is a 41 carat diamond. The Agra Diamond is the fifth-largest pink diamond in the world.

Star of the South Diamond

The Star of the South, also known as Estrela do Sul, is a diamond found in Brazil. The diamond is cut into a cushion shape and weighs 128.48 carats.

The Beau Sancy

The Beau Sancy is a 34.98 carat modified "pear double rose cut" diamond found in India.

The Pink Legacy

The Pink Legacy, a Fancy Vivid Pink, Type IIA, cut-cornered rectangular-cut diamond of 18.96 carats.

The Artemis Pink

The Artemis Pink is a Type IIa, Fancy Intense Pink Diamond weighing 16.00 carats.

Rarest White Diamond

The largest D flawless, Type IIa, round brilliant diamond in the world, 102.34 carat.

The Graff Venus

At 118.78 carats, the “The Graff Venus” is the world’s largest D-color, Type IIA, flawless heart-shaped diamond.
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