Now Certified Diamonds in D-F Colors! (Type IIa)

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Sishu International is the leading and trustworthy name to obtain Fair , Eco – Friendly & Affordable Naturally Colored Lab Grown Diamonds with Unique and Latest Technology. We believe in producing varied range of diamonds and supply them throughout the world.

Our company offers customers a wide range of diamonds in variety of colors, shapes and sizes, which allows you to enter an endless world of diamond designs with infinite possibilities. Our Diamonds are certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory).



Special Deal #1

Price : $3658

1.00  ||  VS2  ||  E  ||  EX-VG-EX

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Special Deal #2

Price : $3358

1.00  ||  VS2  ||  F  ||  EX-VG-VG

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Here’s a special list of IGI Certified and Triple X Cut lab grown diamonds that your customers want and at prices they can afford… And you can finally make a real profit too! 

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